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TakkTile Kit for Robotiq Three-Fingered Gripper



TakkTile Kit for Robotiq Three-Fingered Adaptive Gripper provides cost-effective, sensitive and robust tactile sensing.


*Cost does not include a TakkTile sensors board for the palm of the hand, which can be purchased at an additional cost ofr $600.

Get started with the TakkTile kit for Robotiq tutorial.


Each TakkTile Kit for the three-fingered Robotiq adaptive gripper includes:

  • 3 × modular finger tips with TakkTile sensor boards, with an array of 6 sensors per board

  • 1 × communication board

  • Optional at additional cost: 1 × palm board with TakkTile sensors with an array of 18 sensors




  • The sensor shape was designed to match the shape of the fingertip.

  • Dedicated fingertips featuring embedded sensors replace the original finger tips from the manufacturer.

  • The wiring is mounted on the back of the finger and connects into the communication board.

  • The palm board is mounted using original screws.




  • The communication board is a custom I2C bridge between the sensors and USB. Sampling speed 100Hz.

  • Arduino (not provided) can also function as I2C to USB interface. Sampling speed 20Hz.




  • Communication board is supported for Ubuntu only.

  • Arduino interface can be used with Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS.

  • ROS package is provided.




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We take pride in producing useful technology; since this is research hardware, the purchaser is responsible to test its suitability and reliability for a given application. In legalese, it is provided “as is” and RightHand Robotics, Inc. disclaims any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. But, if you are dissatisfied with it, please let us know and we will try to help. Defective products may be returned for a full, timely refund of the original purchase price.

Five sensors cast independently, plus a "traffic cop" microcontroller that allows access to all five over I2C.
TakkStrip 2
Six sensors; three cast independently and three cast as an array. Plus a "traffic cop" microcontroller that allows access to all six over I2C.
A high-speed USB interface for TakkStrips that speaks to Linux — ROS-compatible!
One TakkStrip and one TakkStrip 2 cast in rubber, an interface arduino, and wires — everything you need to get started.​
Tactile sensors that were designed for the fingertips of the Robotiq Adaptive Gripper.​
To access:
  • Sensor design plans
  • Tutorials to enable I2C communication
  • Tutorials for using visualization tools
  • Tutorials for integration with ROS, Raspbery Pi, etc.
  • etc.

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