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ReFlex Hand

robotic gripper
Legacy Products
ReFlex 1
This is the most affordable hand in the ReFlex product line, with 5 DOFs and an extra compliant palm.
ReFlex TakkTile 2
Everything you need in one robotic gripper.  TakkTile sensing in the fingers, encoders in the proximal joints and IMUs in the fingertips.  
robotic gripper
ReFlex SF
The original sensor-free ReFlex gripper to meet most grasping research needs.
ReFlex SF demonstration
ReFlex TakkTile
ReFlex TakkTile
Everything you got with the ReFlex SF but with TakkTile sensors and a proximal joint encoder in each finger.
ReFlex TakkTile demonstration
ReFlex Plus
Same performance as the ReFlex SF with the addition of proximal joint encoders in each finger.
To access:
ROS setup instructions
Example scripts for controlling ReFlex
Basic commands for controlling position & velocity control, etc.
Grasp configurations
A video showcasing various grasp modes the ReFlex Hand is capable of, including pinch and power spherical and cylindrical grasps.
Wide range of items
Demonstration of the ReFlex Hand on the UR5 robot grasping items ranging from tools to groceries.
Versatility in kitting
Demonstration of the ReFlex Hand on the Baxter robot performing a piece-kitting operation.
ReFlex 1
The most accessible hand in the ReFlex product line.
ReFlex TakkTile 2
In 2017, we introduced a new generation of ReFlex products with greater sensing capabilities to better serve your research needs.
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